Clean energy, powerful pumps & improved focus

Pre-Workout Performance

6th Gear

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creatine & sugar
* Per 2 scoops

Features Nitrates for Powerful Pumps

6TH GEAR fuels your one with 320mg of muscle-pumping nitrates, 300mg of energy-boosting caffeine, and 3.2g of powerful beta-alanine in every 2 scoops – and that’s just the beginning.

Cutting-Edge Formula with Advanced Ingredients

Featuring beet root powder, agmatine, and sacred lotus, 6TH GEAR is a truly complete pre-workout that’ll rock you from the very first dose! What you won’t find are added sugars, artificial colors, dyes, or marketing hype.

Amplifies Training Performance & Endurance

6TH GEAR delivers the best pumps, performance, strength, energy, and focus you need to power through. Whether it’s one more workout, one more rep, one more ride, or one more win – we fuel your one.

Daily Servings:

For Best Results, Take:



Between Meals



Consume 30 to 45 minutes before activity. We strongly recommend assessing your tolerance by taking 1 scoop mixed in 6 oz. of water, especially if you’re sensitive to stimulants. Once you’re comfortable with 1 scoop, you can increase to 2 scoops mixed in 12 oz. of water for maximum results.

Supplement Facts

Fruit Punch Blast

Pink Lemonade

Blue Raspberry

Watermelon Splash